Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth hour

Have been reading about 'Earth Hour' a lot recently in the online press. The idea is to save energy by switching off all electrical appliances for an hour at 8p.m. on the 29th of March, and thus cut Canada's (and the world's) CO2 emissions.

I think saving power and reducing pollution are a great idea. Pity it won't work.

My reasoning is thus; Canada, and BC in particular, gets the lions share of it's electricity in Hydro Electric power. Electricity generated by power from a head of water fed by gravity through turbines, which spins generators and thus generates electricity. Hence the name of the main Energy supplier in British Columbia, BC Hydro. The only real effect of all of BC and Canada turning off electricity for an hour will be a surplus of electricity to sell to the USA, and some overflowing spillways. Won't change a thing, so you'll forgive me if I refrain from joining in.

One other observation; people are being exhorted to have 'candlelit dinners' at the time of Earth Hour, romantic though this might be, the candles required to light up a room are more likely to contribute to global CO2 emissions than BC Hydro's customer base shutting off their power for an hour.

Besides, the weather forecast is for snow showers in our part of BC.

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