Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Selling Britain by the kilo

There was a time not so very long ago when I thought I might return to the country of my birth. Having heard today's news I thought; "What's the point?" The politicians have sold the land of my birth down the river by refusing the people a say regarding continued and closer membership of the European Union.

I feel a little guilty about this because one of the first votes I ever made at age 18 was for Britain to remain in the then Common Market. Now that the trading bloc we in Britain were promised has turned into a lumbering bureaucratic monster that destroys the environment with it's Common Fisheries Policy and Common Agricultural Policy that brought North Sea Cod, amongst other species, to near extinction and laid waste to hedgerow wildlife in the UK, I feel that there is no point in returning at all as I had originally intended.

My feelings on the matter are a little schizoid. On the one hand I feel outraged, betrayed, and with a great feeling of something irreparably gone forever; a sensation of mourning if you will. On the other there is a burgeoning elation that since I no longer belong to Britain, I can make my place in the world anywhere I wish. I must choose, and stick with that choice.

Today has been a gloriously sunny day, and the setting sun washed the cliffs across the Narrows with a gorgeous rosy tint, softening their harshness. Flowers have found their way past the frost. Today, despite the sadness I feel for the country of my birth and it's betrayal by self serving politicians, I make my choice. My heart and home will be here, and I will learn the words to "O Canada" and mean them. I will learn to ice skate and love ice hockey. I shall make a home for the next generation and bring them here to grow and prosper. We will contribute and make our lives better than back across the Atlantic.

My choice is made. God bless Canada.