Thursday, March 13, 2008

A sky full of eagles

Not much on today apart from a short trip out to pick up a couple of garden chairs. I'm still cursing my old camera. It really isn't up to the job for photographing some of the wildlife around here.

Take this afternoon. Returned home at ten past five local time, looked up and saw a sky literally full of Bald Eagles. Not the usual two pairs that live here year round, but dozens of the things, elegantly wheeling and wingtipping as close as fifteen metres away. All no doubt gorged on the remains of the Herring run now the fishing boats have mostly gone. A gorgeous sight to behold. Until that is I tried taking photographs. Could I get one in the viewfinder to take a decent shot, could I hell. I find myself wishing I still had my old 35mm SLR. How can you miss a Bald Eagle for crying out loud! It's got a six foot plus wingspan, a distinctive white head and neck with the upper surface of the tail feathered in white and I swear the cheeky so-and-so's were posing over our house.

I am definitely going out for a new bloody camera this weekend.