Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Winding down

My birthday today. Still a little ache in the jaw from yesterdays visit to the Dentist. Nothing really much to do but hit the keyboard and walk Dog. Since I am no longer in the UK, none of my friends has sent me a card. I've had a few phone calls and e-mails but nothing much else. Not awfully bothered really, the big five-oh was last year, so this is a bit of an anti climax. I'm just happy to be here. Birthdays are for children really. All the hoopla I can do without.

Cursing my own foolishness right at this moment. Have just returned from the shoreline where I missed a golden opportunity of photographing Sea Lions at close quarters. Had the camera all right. Sea Lions snorting and diving less than thirty feet away. Bone brain here had left his SD memory card in his laptops card reader. To be frank and candid I'm rather cross with myself for being so careless. When I pulled out the camera and went to click the shutter, a 'No memory' warning flashed up. I can be really dozy sometimes.

As for the fishing fleet on our doorstep, looks like most of them are packing up and going home after four solid days of 24/7 work. A few nets are still down in the Narrows, but most of the action has moved south of Round Island. Half of the boats are gone. Tomorrow afternoon I expect that most will be gone, and all I will be left with on my solitary meander over the shellfish beds is the crying of well fed Eagles, and (Groan) the silence of the clams.