Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate

We regret that many advocates in the debate have chosen to give up debating the science and now focus almost exclusively on questioning the motives of ‘skeptics,’ name-calling, and ad hominem attacks. We view this as a sign of desperation on their part, and a sign that the debate has shifted toward climate realism.

We hope the present study will help bring reason and balance back into the debate over climate change, and by doing so perhaps save the peoples of the world from the burden of paying for wasteful, unnecessary energy and environmental policies. We stand ready to defend the analysis and conclusion in the study that follows, and to give further advice to policymakers who are open minded on this most important topic
Edited by S. Fred Singer.

Serious analysis and a proper scientific analysis of what is happening with the climate. All other political humbuggery has no value. Well worth wrapping your brain around if you can. Failing that, a cure for insomnia. Not sure that I understand all of it, but it's a more informed and hopefully reliable piece of analysis for all that.