Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A flock of Seagulls

There must be another mini herring run on; because there is a large flock of Gulls, by the look of them mostly Herring Gulls, with their distinctive grey backed wings and dark pin feathers.From what I can make out, this single large flock is at least four or five hundred strong, and mostly consisting of juveniles and young adults, all feeding on a mini glut of Herring Roe.
It's certainly not a day to be outdoors unless you are wrapped up warm. The wind has a definitively Northern chill to it, and the rain has been persistent through most of the day. Especially in town and down the Narrows towards Yellowpoint and Ladysmith. The forecast looks more hopeful at the weekend. We have a lunch date booked with some old friends, but in the meantime I think hunkering down and enjoying the benefits of Canadian heating are going to be the order of the day.