Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More snow

Down at the shoreline it's still pretty chilly, with temperatures around the five degree mark. Took a short trip into town and noted fresh light snow cover on Mt Benson where it had previously melted. Winter is still here, despite it being past the vernal equinox.

A number of the AGW crowd are leaping up and down with glee, pointing at a chunk of ice shelf that has broken off. Shame it means nothing really. It's one little bit of an ice shelf, comparatively speaking. Mechanical stress and increased cold are more likely to cause catastrophic collapse than any warming.

Away from the weather, I'm busy getting on with my new job despite a relative lack of information from head office. I shall just run it like any business; making sure that a service is provided and that there is a cashflow for the facilities needed to do the work. I don't mind, I'm more or less my own boss and I like that.

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