Friday, April 18, 2008

Art has boundaries

Via Small Dead Animals; an 'artist' gets some children to round up a stray, then ties it up in an art gallery to die of starvation.

I think that the people who went to see the 'art' are just as culpable, if not more so, than the 'artist'. Jeez, I like to hunt and fish. I'm quite relaxed about taking my dinner from field and sea to my dinner plate but prolonging the suffering of any creature is the true meaning of 'cruelty'. Poncing around drinking wine and talking, watching something die slowly while dog food is used to spell out the word 'work' in the local language out of reach of the poor bloody creature. A small boy pulling wings off flies is the closest comparative social stereotype I can think of.

A memory tugs in my head about another piece of 'Art' like this. In 1971, the comedian Spike Milligan smashed a glass door at London's Hayward Gallery in protest at American artist Newton Harrison's plan to electrocute catfish, oysters and shrimps as part of his Portable Fish Farm installation. The 'catfish controversy' was widely discussed in the media.

Art does have boundaries, and this kind of crap crosses them all. Hope the 'artist' never sells any of his work in his lifetime. Let him starve.

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