Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bird watching

Successfully identified the Hummingbird that put on the aerobatic display for me before the snowfall as a Rufous Hummingbird. Got a good look at one yesterday afternoon and it's distinctive copper gorget was clearly identifiable. Checked out it's song characteristics, and confirmed that I really observed a 'defensive' display by one. Cute little critters, and quite entertaining to watch.

Also got a look at two Belted Kingfishers from a distance down in the Narrows. Ah yes, and Common Loons have been clearly seen and heard. According to my books, they tend to be a positive indicator of relative freedom from human intervention. In short, they like the wide and lonely places with few people around. Which is what we have round here.

Still plenty of snow around, although no fresh falls at the time of writing. The Deer have gone for the moment, and we're looking forward to a bit of a thaw today.

Was haunting a couple of climate forums last night and read a comment from one of the pro anthropogenic climate change camp to the effect that people who did not know what they were talking about should not post or discuss the subject. My thought was 'Well that isn't stopping you and Al Gore, is it?' Evil snigger.

Time for coffee, orange juice and scrambled eggs. Heavy sigh.

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