Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A little birdwatching

Walks on the shore with Dog always pops up a surprise. Last night was a Sea Plane taking off from one of the little coves down the Narrows. This morning I remembered to take my binoculars and indulge my curiosity.

Of late there has been a flock of waterfowl some three hundred strong sitting in a tight ululating raft of adults and young, occasionally taking flight at something under their webbed feet and flying fifty metres en masse. Having looked in my book of birds, I think I've identified the noisy little tinkers as Surf Scoters or 'Skunk Heads'. Also observed this morning, Bufflehead family group, and likewise Ruddy Duck with young in line astern.

Dog ignored me, having found a sea washed deer bone to gnaw on. Still a moderate population of those. Came across a group of four hinds on our afternoon meander through the woods yesterday afternoon, so the two whose remains we have come across on the beach haven't harmed the population much. They heard us and pronked off like a bunch of Springbok.

Oh yes, saw my first Raccoon on Friday. The black masked little burglar was lurking in the ditch just in front of our house, glanced once at me in a furtive, 'Not me guv' way before slowly picking its way up the waterlogged ditch into some sort of shelter. Now I know why Dog wakes me up in the middle of the night. He's barking at the blasted things on the roof.

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