Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Told you so.......

Been hitting the keyboard non-stop for the past day or so, so missed the first real weakening in the media AGW assertions now that measurements confirming that a world wide cooling is happening. Not that anyone with half a brain took the AGW alarmists wildest assertions seriously. Not that this is going to be a permanent feature, just another wave in the climate cycle. No heat death of the Universe, no new 'Ice age', just the usual SSDD.

There are more serious blogs that know how to play with the facts and figures to reach a meaningful conclusion. Anthony Watts thoughtful posts about temperature comparisons for example, are always worth checking out. Over at Climate-Skeptic the emphasis is on correcting errors in evidence evaluation, although having looked at I was interested to note that their site is owned by an organisation with vested interests in pushing their version of the 'truth' about what's happening with the climate.

A look at where some of the 'green' activists get their funding turned out to be enlightening. Activists Cash being a site run by the Center for Consumer freedom. The only problem is that there isn't much to choose behind either side as they are both camps appear to be funded by some highly intriguing interests and have their own pretty entrenched ideas about the 'truth'.

Me, I just look at trends and make historical comparisons against what gets reported in the media. I've also a moderate grasp of basic physics and spend a lot of time researching for stories, which turns up all sorts of things that don't get into the papers. Sorting the wheat from the chaff, that sort of thing. I like to think I have a modicom of ability in this area.

Now even the Mainstream Media are starting to take the 'Look, there isn't going to be a disaster' side of the argument seriously. Although the cynic in me knows that next thing all the pundits will be on the 'OMIGOD! We're all going to freeze to death!' tack and we'll have to pay extra taxes to stop that happening. I'd get depressed at the stupidity of it all, only I'm too damn busy.

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