Monday, April 28, 2008

The sound of chainsaws

It is a strange thing to contemplate, but this seems to be where destiny, fate, karma, whatever has brought me, yet for all this strange newness, I feel right at home. My inner comfort factor is at an all time high.

Despite the fact that I have never learned to use one, I find the sound of chainsaws comforting. As a child we lived next door to a large area of marshy woodland which was being cleared and felled to build one of the 1960's 'new towns'. From age three, I remember weekend family walks to the background noise of chainsaws and the groans and crashes of falling timber. I took my afternoon baby naps accompanied to the sharp lullaby of ripping whines and splintering crashes as tree after tree was cut down to make room for new housing. To me the sound is comforting. It feels like I belong.

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