Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear diary, nothing much happened....

Spent a good deal of yesterday on researching supersonic wing configurations for a story that keeps on popping on and off the back burner. Soporific stuff sometimes, but writing without research isn't worth the effort. A good tale needs a well coloured background, or it comes out as insipid and somehow unsatisfying.

Read the blogs etc, and as always put my big clumsy but well meaning oar in. Hey, I may be opinionated, but that doesn't automatically make me wrong.

Today I pitched back into one of the three major projects I have going and added a thousand words to one, two thousand to another, and decided project three needed a new direction. Tonight I have a meeting to attend, people to talk to, and fund raising to organise. Somehow I've even got to engineer an appearance on the local cable TV station. I'll talk to my guys first and find out what they want me to say before I do anything else.

Well, the sun shone, it rained a bit, then it shone again. Must be spring. About time too.

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