Sunday, April 6, 2008

CO2 Omissions

Having now come out of the closet so to speak and nailed my colours publicly to the mast, just for a giggle, I thought I'd do a little joined up reasoning over this climate change nonsense.

Postulation; Trees and plants are good for the planet. No problem there; Trees give shade and do all sorts of good stuff for the environment. Birds nest in them, they hold otherwise unstable soil masses together and prevent erosion. They provide habitat for all sorts of other creatures. Trees, I think we can all be agreed, are really good. Terrific. Wonderful things. No problem with trees at all. Trees are excellent. Amazing things, trees. Hold the phone! Trees and plants need Co2 for photosynthesis, ergo cutting Co2 emissions will harm trees. Too little Co2 means trees and plants can't photosynthesise properly and will die. No more trees and plants, no more bunnies to hug. Soon no more people. Ergo; Co2 is good for trees and pretty plants. Therefore what is good for trees is good for people. Ergo we need more Co2, not less.

Postulation; Water vapour is a bigger 'greenhouse gas' than CO2 (95% more of a 'greenhouse gas'). Trees give off lots of water vapour. Watch a forest in BC, they give off so much water vapour it looks like the mountains are on fire. Help! Screams nice Mr Gore. Cut down trees to save earth from boiling with too much greenhouse gas! All trees cut down by AGW'ers to 'save earth from water vapour. Oops. No more trees, soon no more plants, then no more bunnies to hug, and no more people. All gone with Dinosaurs. Bye bye.

Postulation; Mankind causes temperature to rise and kills planet. Sun not responsible at all, no how. All mankinds fault. Bad, bad, naughty mankind. Mr Gore says mankind gives off gases. Gases trap heat on Earth. Heat rises. Mother Gaia gets too hot and dies. Mankind bad and sent to bed early. Mankind dies, very bad. Mr Gore says this will happen so must be true. Mr Gore politician not scientist. Mr Gore fly big jet around world telling mankind it is bad and should buy all his nice carbon trading thingies to stop feeling guilty. Mankind too busy buying carbon trading thingies, not put food aside in case of bad weather. Mr Gore get very rich. Mr Gore not care about sun. Sun not care about Mr Gore. Sun gets hotter and heats up solar system. Earth is in solar system. Earth gets warmer. Mankind still stuck on Earth and needs better air conditioning. Sun cools a bit. Solar system cools down. Earth cools down. Mankind relearns how to make snowmen. Mankind try to eat carbon trading thingies. Not tasty. Carbon trading thingies not nourishing. Mankind starve. All die. Hello extinction, next species please.

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