Thursday, April 24, 2008

Inconveniently speaking

The news going round the blogs and right of centre news is causing a number of guffaws. A sequence showing Antarctic ice melting in Al Gore's polemic movie 'An Inconvenient truth' was cribbed from the Hollywood movie that had all the serious climatologists throwing peanuts at the screen; 'The day after tomorrow'.

Can't find any trace of this in any of the mainstream media outlets apart from 'FoxNews', ABC. and oddly enough, the Milwaukee Journal.

As for the religion of Anthropogenic Climate Change, if one of the founders of GreenPeace says there's no proof, I mean, what are we to think? What the hell is going on? What's more to the point - when do we get the money from all the extra 'green' taxes back? I'm not holding my breath.

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