Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just a thought

Spring looks like being a few weeks later this year, at least according to friends of mine who have lived on Vancouver Island for the past twenty plus years. There was frost in our front yard this morning and the temperature hasn't quite broken double figures yet this year. This is pretty well what you'd expect from a La Nina year with sunspot minimums, yet even now, there are some people who call themselves environmental campaigners who insist that everything is to do with their pet theory, regardless of what the thermometers read, or how much rain and snow is falling.

One even managed to blackmail a BBC journalist into changing a story from a studied observation of current climate trends to an account more supportive of her pet theory. The thought occurs to me that if the views she espoused were so obvious, cut and dried, then the arguments she puts forward wouldn't need to use the tactics she did to support them. To simplify; if she was right, she wouldnt have needed make veiled threats against the journalist.

Charles Dodson, Mathematician and Author had a little phrase; "What I tell you three times is true". The subtext of which is "The truth is what I say it is, no matter what the facts are." Regardless of how bloody cold it is outside.

With this in mind, I am inclined to make the following observation. A 'denier' is someone who cannot accept reality, and insists that what they believe is true regardless of proof. To put it as a flat pack analogy (Some self assembly required) cap, the, if, wear, fits, it.

Stuff their theories, I'm wrapping up warm.

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