Friday, April 4, 2008

Odd wildlife musings

Saw my first Otter of the year last night. Not a Sea Otter, just a Northern River Otter giving Dog and I the once over from the safety of the water. Did try taking some footage with the phone camera, but all I could see on playback was ripples.

Tonight there was just one solitary Sea Lion with the Narrows all to itself, leaping half out of the water as it fed. Left Dog to please himself while I just stood quietly and watched until one of the Harbour Patrol vessels sped down the Narrows at close on twenty knots, sending everything diving or flying for safety, temporarily ruffling the placid tidal flow.

Five kilometres away as the crow flies is the centre of town. Three kilometres to the Dukes Point Ferry terminal and a bit farther on the Harmac industrial wood processing plant. All that activity so close, and yet all this wildlife. All this richness. The Canadians must be doing something right in the conservation stakes. That reminds me, must check the restrictions for when I finally get my fishing permit.

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