Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another reason

The times we live in! This evening, I spent a relaxed hour down at the waterfront, rod in my hand, standing on my rocks. To my left, facing north, the sea was dark wine coloured, to my right, steel blue like hammered and polished metal. Didn't catch any fish, but I didn't care at all.

Got back home and read the Daily Telegraph online, I know I shouldn't but it's like a drug. I read an opinion piece about how the Telecoms watchdog in the UK, OFcom, had proposed that when you get 'old' you should be microchipped with an RFID type chip that tells you when to take your medicine etc.

Here's my position on the proposal, fuddy duddy dithering fifty year old that I am; the 'State' can stick a microchip in me over my cold, lifeless, freezing, exsanguinated cadaver. The first person to try such a move, even when I am ninety and feeble in both body and mind, will die. I know exactly how, and it doesn't take much strength or speed, believe me. They can keep their hands off my lifeless corpse as well. If they want that, I'll come back and haunt those responsible until they jump off the nearest high building.

This may sound like an extreme position, but what they propose is pretty extreme too, and signals a sinister paradigm shift between the governing and the governed. I pay my taxes in the UK (Or rather did) so that the Government would provide services for the people, not strut around like little demagogues, demanding compliance and obeisance for each half baked piece of control freakery an unelected bunch of mutton heads can come up with.

As far as this proposal is concerned 'Ofcom' can 'Off-fuck'. Those responsible for this heinous proposal can be identified and harassed via the Ofcom web site.

I really should stop reading the papers, they only make me cross. On the other hand, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Anger has it's uses.

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