Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good times

Busy honing first 70,000 words of manuscript and occasionally visiting the dear old English Daily Telegraph for a chuckle. My problem with it is; although I find it easier to navigate etc than the Times, Grauniad, or Independent, of late both Firefox and IE6 have repeatedly crashed whenever one of their thrice accursed Shockwave adverts has popped up. Updated my Shockwave plugins, no joy. Reinstalled the most recent browser version with all service packs, still my browsers keep nosediving in flames. Quite frankly, if it wasn't for the Opinion and Letters pages and the Matt and Alex cartoons, I wouldn't bother.

This morning I rolled out of my bed to a gorgeous Vancouver Island day. It's quieter than an old fashioned library, with only birdsong and the sound of the tide to break the silence. Oh, and Wife reading out choice bits of her latest Psychology book to me. As a minor act of retaliation, I pointed her at the Wikipedia list of Cognitive Biases and List of Fallacies to give her some analytical tools to work with. I'm sure this will backfire on me at some stage or other when she wants to dissect some of my more preciously held assertions.

Well, time for a quick whiz round the blogs before I walk Dog, spend some time fishing, and maybe some writing. The end of my Science Fiction Manuscript 'First Flights' is in sight, and I have a cracking cataclysmic ending for it, just got to knit the narrative strands together over the next 30,000 words or so. Then of course comes the tedious and soul destroying search for a publisher who will actually look at the bloody thing. There are so many who will not. I think they're all looking for the next Harry Potter phenomenon. Then again, who knows what will pique the public demand? A good story with good characters always has a fighting chance.

I don't mind, I will carry on with the day job and pick up the threads on a couple of writing projects which are simmering on the back burner at present. Maybe start something completely new.

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