Monday, May 5, 2008

Christopher Booker is in trouble....

Christopher Booker is a journalist of note who has a knack for digging out inconvenient truths about the climate change scam. Was browsing Tim Worstall's blog and came across this little gem from the amusing Numberwatch;
Christopher Booker has broken the solemn and unspoken covenant between activists and journalists that the temperature proxy racket should be protected by ratchet reporting. Where will it all end if journalists start doing research of their own, instead of faithfully reproducing the press releases of the faithful? What business has a mere journalist prying into corners of the internet that are not supposed to exist? The whole point of proxies is that they are relevant only for short periods. Eventually, the curse of the phenologists always catches up with them. The snows of Snowden are a case in point. They were news while they were shrinking, but when that goes into reverse, the rules of modern polite society require the quiet turning of a blind eye. What is the point of opportunistic peer-reviewed papers, like those about the Nenana Ice Classic, if obnoxious people are going to draw attention to unfortunate subsequent developments?

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