Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Around 12 today there was a loud booming noise, like you would get when hitting a big steel container with a lump of two by four. Took a look out of the front window. No big trucks in view. Down in the narrows a tug was pulling a log boom northwards to the Harmac, which is supposedly going to close down shortly. Took another look and saw something like a mast sticking up, like a fishing boat stuck amongst the logs. Turned out to be a floating crane in the middle of the boom. You see something new every day round here, despite our relative isolation.

Found Dog hiding in the bathroom as usual, chickenhearted mutt. We used to expect him to cope with street noise, sirens and all sorts when we lived in a town, now he lives out here in the boonies, he gets upset by the least little thing. Poor old thing. I make a fuss of him for reassurance, although that doesn't seem to help.

Read in today's online Telegraph that the UK Ministry of Defence has released more of it's UFO files and that a 'Solar powered bra' has been unveilled. Must be something to do with May's early warm spell. The 'silly season' has come early this year.

Meanwhile, back in BC, it's been raining; but the forecast is for sunshine tomorrow, and a nice warm weekend. That will do me. Back to work.

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