Saturday, May 17, 2008


I'm sorry, but the desperation of some people to prove that the minimal effect mankind has on the climate just takes the biscuit. Now, according to some 'British Scientists' fat people are to blame for accelerating 'Global warming'. Oh my. I'm sorry, but this just, I'm lost for words at this latest piece of nonsense.

The global temperature has not increased since 1998. In anything, a slight downward trend has been observed. The last eighteen months in particular have shown cooler weather around the globe. This may or may not indicate a 'cooling' effect. So if I've got this right, this bunch of 'scientists' are blaming fat people for causing an effect which isn't really happening. I mean, what are they giving out Degrees for at British Universities nowadays? Are the 'scientists' in question trying to win the Man Booker prize for fiction?

Stuff this, the Weather around Nanaimo and in BC generally has finally warmed above the twenty Celsius mark, so I'm off out to catch some rays in my front yard. Long weekend over in BC, and I intend to enjoy every minute.

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