Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bear faced foolishness

The latest piece of US environmental idiocy is now front page news, with the Polar Bear population (Which has expanded from an estimated 5,000 to currently 25,000 plus since the 1960's) has been given 'Threatened' status. According to those who have a better handle on this than I do, apparently this will allow environmental groups to sue companies they assert are causing 'global warming'.

Now any I think it's safe to predict that lawsuits of this nature are going to be a legal minefield, and will pay for many a lawyers descendents college funds, possibly unto the third or fourth generation. My other thought is; who gets the money? The Environmental groups doing the sueing? I mean, can you have a countersuit against the Bears for killing and eating people, as they are sometimes wont to do? If so, how do you get the Bears to pay compensation? How do they sign the legal forms, and are there process servers dumb enough to try serving papers on them? Will the Inuit nations make legal challenge because Bear hunting boosts their income and is part of their culture? Who will be dumb enough to try and sue them? Will PETA be seen throwing stuff at, or chaining themselves to Northern First Nations politicians in protest? Will the Inuit in their turn, feed the PETA activists to the bears? Oh, the fun will never start.

As for court cases. First, the plaintiffs have got to prove that the seasonal ice melt is sufficient to be harmful to the bears, and then whoever takes out the suit is going to have to prove, in a US court, that CO2 production actually causes the rise in temperature, which it has proven not to do. There is solid evidence that rises in CO2 levels actually follow temperature increases, and not the other way around. This will be interesting. Notwithstanding the continuing failure of the planet to heat up like some of the pundits have claimed it would.

My prediction; either this will come to an embarrassing and very public halt very quickly indeed, or result in cases that run, and run, and run.

Anyway; notwithstanding all that, I am currently cracking away at 3000 words of good copy a day. The story threads are knitting together very nicely, plenty of credible drama, and as far as writing is concerned, I couldn't be doing much better. At this rate I'll have finished project in under a months time. The sun is due to shine this afternoon as well. Might even go fishing.

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