Monday, May 26, 2008

What's wrong with Britain?

Reading the dear old 'Torygraph' as I do for a giggle every morning (Afternoon GMT), I find great discomfiture / hilarity at the comments in the 'Your View' section. Occasionally I will post a comment I feel is germane to the thread to try and introduce a note of reality to the "Hang 'em and flog 'em" and the "You Tory brutes it's all your fault" factions. Sometimes, what I feel is a very mild but valid comment is disallowed by the moderator, where others which are more vituperative and intemperate, posted under an 'anonymous' monicker slide straight into the comment thread without censure.

That being the case; today I posted on a thread, "Who is to blame for Britain's Knife-crime epidemic" with the photo caption (sic)'People pay their respects for Rob Knox, the latest teenager to have been killed in Briatin's knife-crime epidemic.' to the effect that the UK has plenty of laws against violent crime, in that one risks imprisonment; and rightly too, for stabbing another person, and that the real blame should be laid unequivocally at the door of those who would deny their offspring would ever stick a sharpened sliver of metal into another human being because of something they said / the way they looked. The comment was disallowed. All right, I may have taken the piss out of the photo caption spelling 'Britain' as 'Briatin', but my point had validity.

Notwithstanding, you get the distinct impression that some people just like getting all heated about things and the newspaper concerned will pander to them; logic and humanity be damned. Just because it engenders a few more web site hits / copies sold.

Any old how. It's been raining and thundering quite heavily for the past hour. Dog managed to lock himself in the toilet, don't ask me how, and it took some deft work with a screwdriver to free my cowering pet. Bless him, he does get so frightened by thunderstorms. Dog is now hiding in his travel cage under a rug, the thunder is gone and I've almost passed the 3000 word mark for the day. I think I've earned a drink tonight.

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