Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Off colour

Although there is much in the news that I could comment on like Icebreakers getting stuck in the supposedly shrinking Arctic ice cap and the continuing insanity of politicians trying to 'fix' the climate with taxes, I just don't feel like it. Although the main project 'First Flights' MSS approaches 90,000 words as of this evening, and I've just written a quite dramatic sequence, where one of the lead characters has to make a forced landing, I can't be bothered to write about much else.

This blog is rather neglected because not much happens out here apart from the visits of local wildlife. Things like getting within ten metres of two Bald Eagles on a morning walk with my dog, first sighting of a Possum (I think). What can I say? The Eagles are bloody huge, with wingspans wider than I am tall, and their talons look like serious pieces of kit. I see them dive bombing the local fish population every day. The Possum, if that's what it was, showed my dog a clean pair of heels across a neighbours garden. Dog pulled up short and looked at me with a bemused 'What do you want me to do with that, boss?' look on his face.

Dog is going for shearing on Friday morning, as when the thermometer bobs over twenty degrees, his thick coat makes him pant and fret when he gets too hot.

I have been feeling a bit 'off' as well recently, and perhaps am in need of one of my periodic protein binges. Every so often I like to eat something like a Liver and bacon casserole, heavy on the liver. This is rich in iron and vitamin A, and despite extensive experimentation, I have yet to find anything which boosts me out of the 'doldrums' better. Fish and Chicken just can't cut it. My hunter gatherer adapted digestive system needs red meat periodically, and the thought of a vegetarian diet fills me with nausea.

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