Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good old PJ

I just love the way P J O'Rourke gets his point across;
"Idealists are also bullies. The idealist says, "I care more about the redwood trees than you do. I care so much I can't eat. I can't sleep. It broke up my marriage. And because I care more than you do, I'm a better person. And because I'm the better person, I have the right to boss you around."
Well, according to the Church of St Jones the realist; no they bloody haven't. Although the 'fairness' lobby have managed to screw over the country of my birth pretty comprehensively.

I like PJ. He doesn't mince his words, or pretend to be 'nice'. He seems constantly to ask the question; "What's wrong with enlightened self interest and being well off?" to which the logical answer is; "Not much."

Anyway, wedding anniversary today, on best misbehaviour, nice supper tonight; and the best thing about it is - I don't have to cook it! The only bad thing is - no fishing. Bummer.

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