Monday, May 26, 2008

How do they get away with it?

I've been looking with a certain amount of foreboding at the mainstream media. These are sources that elevate a film 'Extra' to a 'Star' or 'Actor'. Just because the poor bastard got knifed to death by some low life while protecting his brother. Having done Drama School in my youth, and come out with a real live qualification, I know what the difference is. An 'Extra' on a film or TV set is mobile scenery, background. An 'Actor' is someone who gets to deliver lines, even if it is only two words, like "Yes, sir." A 'Star' is a leading man / lady or lead supporting actor.

How and more to the point why, does the mainstream media get away with this utter nonsense? Are their readerships so ignorant or ill-schooled that they can't tell the difference? Glad I don't spend money on their lowbrow publications.

As for knives? Well, most people I meet over here in Canada have some bladed implement on their person at all times. It's a tool, you use it for sharpening things, cutting things, shaping things. To use one on a person would never cross their mind unless in extremis. Besides, the RCMP tend to frown on that sort of thing, and they can be rather unforgiving; and quite rightly so.

The only thing I take when reading mainstream news media nowadays is a ready cynicism, and knowing disbelief. After all, they're only in it to sell copies.

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