Saturday, May 24, 2008


The snow has finally disappeared off Mount Benson, the skies are delightfully blue, and today the breezes are warm and balmy.

Thus it is I have dredged up a non-alcoholic drink recipe with a definite 'hit' which Wife and I often enjoy.

Two 12 or 16 fluid oz highball glasses
Half an iceberg (The big white cold type, not the green leafy thing)
Roses Lime Cordial
Chilled Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Two slices of Lime
Two Slices of Lemon

Directions; Fill glasses about two thirds full with ice. Pour over one capful (No more) of Roses Lime Cordial per glass. Wipe Lime slice around rim of each glass and cut slice through rind and slip onto the edge of the glass so it stands upright. Do likewise with the slice of lemon. Pour Canada Dry Ginger Ale over ice. Sip slowly.

Of course you can add a shot of vodka or gin to the mix, but Wife and I tend to think this is over egging the pudding.

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